Performance « The Invisible Concert » | Collaborative performance
with Frederic Chemama – T.R.A.N.S.I.S.C.A.P.E. danse company – Mathhieu
Ha, Bangkok Art & Culture Center, Bangkok, 2012

Collaborative performance with DJ Roomforlove and Gregor Siedl , Classic Revisited festival, Royal Conservatory of Music, Brussels, 2010

Parlement Européen
Performance « The Invisible Concert » : several hours of DJ ing classical music and singing as counter tenor. Choreography by Vincenzo Carta, European Parlement, Brussels, 2013

Paris 104
Performance « The Invisible Concert », Paris 104, NEMO festival, Paris, 2010

Performance « The Invisible Concert », Costume design by Cathy Weyders, Inside Out festival, Brussels, 2013

Palais de Tokyo
Performance « The Invisible Concert », Palais de Tokyo – Modo Bruxellae, Paris, 2007

IS ART A LIE ?, Collaborative performance with Maxim Franck
Masked with a hood and a fake nose, the performance was about building a temporary sculpture during a normal cocktail, using it as a huge stage to conduct music in silence and sing on the top while Max Frank was pumping up dozens of colorful ballons.
Then, Porsperger continued to mix classical music in the vernissage and sang walking in the middle of the public with a wireless microphone.
In the frame of the conference Is Art a Lie, organised by SOFAM, curated by Tania Nasielsky.
WIELS contemporary art museum, Brussels, 2009

RedPlexus Marseille
Collaborative performance with Ornicʼart collective, RedPlexus Festival, Marseille, 2014

Halles Schaerbeek
Jʼai tué lʼEdelweiss, Collaboration with Martin Sisters, Halles de Schaerbeek, Brussels, 2009

Photo serie by Jean Marc Eroy, Le Lobe Chicoutimi QC, 2011

Festival de Malte
Performance « The Invisible Concert », Malta Festival of Art, 2006

Collaborative performance with Projet Diligence (Valentin Souquet & Emilie Pischedda, WIELS contemporary museum –, Brussels, 2009
Porsperger produced a performance of 30 minutes on the roof of a kind of beer machine (« Auxiliaire », concept by Projet Diligence) conducting music in silence, playing records with a typical sixtiesʼs record player, reading some short extracts of Mein Kampf and singing Cold Song and Mozart.

ZSenne art lab
Collaboration with Remi Tamburini, Zsenne art lab, Brussels | 20

THE DINNER, Collaboration with Sintija Silina and Marie Chabert, CESTA art residency, Tabor, CZE, 2009

Festival van Vlaanderen Vilvoorde
Performance « The Invisible Concert », Festival van Vlaanderen, Vilvoorde, BE, 2009

Cathédrale Poitiers
Performance « The Invisible Concert », Concerts Allumés festival, Poitiers, FR, 2008

Festival Land Art
Performance « The Invisible Concert », Land Art festival Sites en ligne, Silly, BE, 2005

Grand place
Performance « The Invisible Concert », Grand Place of Brussels, 2005

Fête Nationale
Performance « The Invisible Concert », Belgian National Day, Hotel de Ville, Brussels, 2005
Performance « The Invisible Concert », Plaisirs dʼHiver , Grand Place of Brussels, 2004

Performance « The Invisible Concert », Collaborative performance with Zam Ebale – Karolina Wollowiecka – Robin Poubaix | Beursschouwburg | Brussels | 2004

Journée Sans Voiture
Performance « The Invisible Concert », Brussels, 20

Parc Royal
Performance « The Invisible Concert », For his first performances in public space, Porsperger choose the romantic kiosk of music located in the french designed Royal Park of Brussels. For one of them hi invited some dancers to improvise on the mix, Brussels, 2003

Atelier Artistes
Free vocal interventions in dialogue with the places and the multiple artists studios, Parcours dʼArtiste of St Gilles, Brussels, 2010

« Non Place » is about separation between people & using media as a metaphor for that separation and how our ability to completely immerse ourselves in each others echoes as a perfect analogy for how we are immersed in but separated by media.
Collaborative performance with Melissa Ramos, Glaugoair art residency, Werkstatt der Kulture, Berlin, 2010

Porte de Namur
Performance « The Invisible Concert », Second edition of Classical Music in the middle of skyscrapers. The place, usually full of noisy car-traffic is for the second time cradling in a dream, Brussels, 2004

UNTIL THE LIGHT TAKES US, Collaborative performance with Dying Breed // Astrid Gnosis // Petr Davydtchenko, Do Not Open art gallery, Brussels, 2014

Collaborative performance with DJ Roomforlove and Gregor Siedl, Royal Conservatory of Music, Brussels, 2010

Attack Festival Italy
Attack Festival, Foligno, IT, 20

Performance « The Invisible Concert », Brussels, 2013

ExtraPool Residency
Collaborative performance with Hinde Châttouf, Extrapool art residency, Nijmegen, NL, 2013

Performance « The Invisible Concert », Brussels, 2013

Performance « The Invisible Concert », Brussels, 2010